Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sports Fans

So, I have been informed recently that to be a sports fan you must choose one team to follow. You must be loyal to that team regardless of the coach, players, etc. My question is this... why? Players and coaches change every year! You are never really rooting for the same team. Are fans not simply rooting for the name or logo? (Unless that changes too, of course) I realize that I am in the wrong in my thinking, as my questions to certain BYU fans have caused quite a defensive uproar. Not being able to explain this phenomena, these certain fans have indicated that it is "bandwagoning" to look at all teams and choose the best one of each season. They have also been unable to explain this strange mindless following. Some blame it on attendance of a school, or family members being employed by schools. Others come up with strange stories of childhood pencils. It all seems a little strange to me! (hehe)