Friday, April 25, 2008

Dating is not like Riding a Bicycle

The other night Brandon and I went on a date. We dropped off Trajen with Grandma & Grandpa and had an official "date night."

We went to a movie.. which if you are a Jackie Chan fan, I would recommend seeing it.. Forbidden Kingdom. Anyway, Brandon started opening doors for me. He tries to do that every once it awhile, so this was a piece of cake. Well... we went to Leatherby's after the movie, and went to sit down in my seat. Brandon followed, and grabbed my chair! I turned and glared at him, and said, "Fine! I'll take the other seat!" As I took my seat across the table, Brandon still stood a little dumbfounded, and said rather sheepishly, "I was just holding your chair for you."

HA HA HA Boy did I feel silly!!! We are still laughing!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Trajen has recently learned how to clap. He LOVES playing Pat-a-Cake with his grandma. This past Sunday Brandon sang with the ward choir. It was a surprisingly good number they perform. Trajen was quiet and still through the entire song. He was so moved by the song, he shouted "YAY" at the end, and started clapping!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My "Sister"

"Do you remember what it was like watching conference as a kid? I started reflecting on that after the session was over. For me the first few talks I could make it through, after that it was either fall asleep or quietly play with my brothers."
-- Heather F.

This is a section from a blog recently posted by my "Sister". At first I was a little surprised at the entry. It seemed so mature, so well written.. I simply assumed she had someone else write it, or perhaps she was quoting someone.

As I researched this further, I found that Heather was actually the author. Thinking night and day about why this didn't make sense, it finally dawned on me. I WAS MISSING.... " was either fall asleep or quietly play with my brothers.".......

I was shocked at the realization that Heather has erased me completely from her memory! HOW SAD!!!!