Friday, April 25, 2008

Dating is not like Riding a Bicycle

The other night Brandon and I went on a date. We dropped off Trajen with Grandma & Grandpa and had an official "date night."

We went to a movie.. which if you are a Jackie Chan fan, I would recommend seeing it.. Forbidden Kingdom. Anyway, Brandon started opening doors for me. He tries to do that every once it awhile, so this was a piece of cake. Well... we went to Leatherby's after the movie, and went to sit down in my seat. Brandon followed, and grabbed my chair! I turned and glared at him, and said, "Fine! I'll take the other seat!" As I took my seat across the table, Brandon still stood a little dumbfounded, and said rather sheepishly, "I was just holding your chair for you."

HA HA HA Boy did I feel silly!!! We are still laughing!

1 comment:

orangemily said...

It's very nice that he was being so gentlmanlike. I'm laughing at your reaction though!