Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mind Games

I find it a rather strange phenomenon... I can always find something to rant about. I can go on and on, and get pretty dramatic about subjects that I am passionate about. As I sit here wondering what I should post on my blog... I have nothing. Isn't the mind a beautiful thing?

Speaking of mind games... I recall several years ago, I was driving down the street (this fact is very important to note) my friend in the back seat realized that she had lost her keys. As she frantically exclaimed her concern, I realized that I didn't know where MY keys were! (Please refer back to the fact that I was driving down the street)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Child Abuse?

In an attempt to keep Trajen out of the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas he is not allowed, we have created many barracades. Being an optimistic child, Trajen simply looks at the barracade as an exciting new game he must conquer. He has learned to jump over, crawl under, and chuck previous barracades in order to achieve success.

This evening, we had dinner with G & G Farr and my little sister, Heather. Trajen was trying to help Grandpa with the dishes, which of course created more trouble than help. So, in order to prevent him from going into the kitchen, Heather put a chair in the way. Well.. naturally this was a really old trick! Trajen simply crawled under the chair and back into the kitchen to help. The next barracade was two chairs right next to each other, leaving no room to crawl under or around. Trajen tried his hardest to push his large head through the small opening.. but was unsuccessful. Despite his failed efforts, he pushed on and tried again. Heather (being extremely competetive) just looked on and laughed. With each new attempt, Heather laughed harder and harder. The more Trajen cried, the more Heather laughed.

In the end, Trajen was unable to penetrate the barracade, and Heather was highly entertained.

But this begs the question... did Heather go too far?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Okay, so I have been reading my BOM and it really is frightening what can become of sibling rivalry! I know.. I know.. I have heard the stories a thousand times.. but Laman and Lemuel were so upset about Nephi getting more than them, generations of hatred and war came about. I would hate to think that I was the cause of so much destruction, simply because I was jealous and spiteful.

Don't get me wrong, I am not jealous or spiteful of my siblings. I just find it scary how extreme things can become with such a slight error in judgement.. which we all can do every day of our lives! YAY!!

I would hope to be like Nephi, and be consistantly unwavering. (Wouldn't we all?) But alas, much work is still required. KEEP FORGING AHEAD!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Security Issues

So.... I don't know how many people enjoy their jobs so much that they don't think of mischevious things to do to co-workers. : ) There has been a horrible outbreak of "hacking" going on at my work. There are a few people who have been spying to see when someone leaves their computer unlocked. If the computer is left unlocked, the spy will sneak over to the computer, send Instant Messages or emails to random people, then leave before the victim returns.

If you have read my previous postings, My "Sister", you will know that there has been some confusion as to whether my sister likes me, or even acknowledges my existance. Well.... I received a very disturbing email on Thursday from Heather (she works with me). It stated that I was the "worst sister ever" and implied that she wanted to leave her job so she wouldn't have to see me every day.

Heather claims that this was not sent by her, as the post script read "Love, Heather". Afterall, she would never write anything like that.

I hope those responsible for this email fraud are brought to justice! ;)