Sunday, May 18, 2008

Child Abuse?

In an attempt to keep Trajen out of the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas he is not allowed, we have created many barracades. Being an optimistic child, Trajen simply looks at the barracade as an exciting new game he must conquer. He has learned to jump over, crawl under, and chuck previous barracades in order to achieve success.

This evening, we had dinner with G & G Farr and my little sister, Heather. Trajen was trying to help Grandpa with the dishes, which of course created more trouble than help. So, in order to prevent him from going into the kitchen, Heather put a chair in the way. Well.. naturally this was a really old trick! Trajen simply crawled under the chair and back into the kitchen to help. The next barracade was two chairs right next to each other, leaving no room to crawl under or around. Trajen tried his hardest to push his large head through the small opening.. but was unsuccessful. Despite his failed efforts, he pushed on and tried again. Heather (being extremely competetive) just looked on and laughed. With each new attempt, Heather laughed harder and harder. The more Trajen cried, the more Heather laughed.

In the end, Trajen was unable to penetrate the barracade, and Heather was highly entertained.

But this begs the question... did Heather go too far?


BeatlesDiva said...

Nah...she's just giving him an early lessson that life isn't always fair and sometime you find yourself the ammusment of others.

I think Trajen has been watching Daddy playing D&D, trying to conquer all those barricades. Time to get him his own set of dice.

orangemily said...

No, I think it is quite a triumph that she could find a succesful barricade!

Heather said...

I'm liking the way this poll is turning out. Nicole and Emily make extremely valid points.

Brandon said...

Trajen has has his own 20 sided dice since before he was born.

Kristi Farr said...

No, In fact,I've found myself laughing just like Heather in similar situations with Mason. For instance...Today Lexi sat on my lap and Mason was extremely jealous of this. He was so mad and tried to push her off. Of course with his limited strength she wouldn't budge an inch. This made him even more mad. It was very funny.

Heather said...

Kristi - I am laughing at Mason. This is probably why I am being accused of child abuse, but apparently everyone seems to agree that I am right.